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Sweetwater Front
Motherless Child (5:04)
Adapt. & Arr. by Fred Herrera & Nansi Nevins
In A Rainbow (3:17)
Alex Del Zoppo
Here We Go Again (2:32)
Nansi Nevins
My Crystal Spider (3:52)
Alex Del Zoppo
For Pete's Sake (2:50)
Alex Del Zoppo
Rondeau (1:15)
Fred Herrera
Come Take A Walk (3:48)
Nansi Nevins
Two Worlds (3:56)
Nansi Nevins
What's Wrong (4:00)
Alex Del Zoppo
Through an Old Storybook (2:32)
Alex Del Zoppo
Why Oh Why (3:00)
Albert Moore

Produced by Dave Hassinger

Arranged by Fred Herrera and Alex Del Zoppo / Recorded at The Sound Factory, Hollywood / Attire by Ephemera / Cover Photo: Marv Lyons / Art Direction: Ed Thrasher.

All compositions published by Rainwater Music, Inc.

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