<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>The Latest...</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="black" TEXT="white" LINK="yellow" VLINK="cyan" ALINK="green"> <FONT SIZE=6> WOODSTOCK S 40th ANNIVERSARY<BR> </Font> <BR> </FONT> <HR> <DIV ALIGN="CENTER"> <IMG SRC="SH2Owood.jpg" ALT="Sweetwater Woodstock "><BR> <FONT SIZE=5> Sweetwater at Woodstock August 15, 1969 <BR></FONT> <FONT SIZE=3> Photo by Derek Redmond - From Kenny Sahr's SweetwaterFan site <BR> </FONT> </DIV> <HR> <FONT SIZE=5> It s hard to believe that so much time has passed, yet to us, the surviving members of SWEETWATER, it seems like yesterday. Oddly enough for us, there is more activity surrounding this year s anniversary than at any time since we played there on that fateful weekend in 1969.<P> Since late 2008 through today, we have participated in dozens of domestic and international news interviews, TV interviews (VH1 & History Channel), contributed our words and photos to several Woodstock books, magazines and internet articles.<P> <HR> <TABLE BORDER=2 CELLPADDING=10> <TR VALIGN=CENTER> <TD WIDTH=40%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE=5> Rhino Records is issuing several different variations of WOODSTOCK box sets, featuring the live music from those three days in 1969, most with Sweetwater songs included. <P> </FONT> <FONT SIZE=4> <A HREF=http://www.rhino.com/woodstock/> "WOODSTOCK -- 40 YEARS ON: BACK TO YASGUR'S FARM BOXED SET"</A><BR> </FONT> </DIV></TD> <TD WIDTH=60%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE=5> <IMG SRC="images/Rhino40set.jpg" ALT="Woodstock: 40 Years on: Back to Yasgur's Farm (6CD, Limited Edition) [BOX SET] "><BR> </FONT></DIV> </TD></TR> <TR VALIGN=CENTER> <TD WIDTH=40%> <DIV ALIGN="left"> <FONT SIZE=5> <IMG SRC="taking-woodstock-s.jpg" ALT= Taking Woodstock ><P> </FONT></DIV> </TD> <TD WIDTH=60%> <DIV ALIGN="left"> <FONT SIZE=5> The Ang Lee movie, 'Taking Woodstock' has optioned our song 'Motherless Child' for use in it.<BR> <P> <HR> There is also a Best of Woodstock - Various Artists [Limited Edition] CD <BR> </FONT> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <IMG SRC="BestofWoodstock_CD.jpg" ALT="Best of Woodstock"><BR> </DIV> <BR> <FONT SIZE=4> with Jimi Hendrix (Author), Sweetwater (Author), Melanie (Author), Arlo Guthrie (Author), Joan Baez (Author), Santana (Author), John Sebastian (Author), Canned Heat (Author), Mountain (Author), Creedence Clearwater Revival (Author) <BR> <BR> </FONT> <FONT SIZE=4> <A HREF="http://www.amazon.com/Best-Woodstock-Various-Artists-Limited/dp/B002C01A6Y">Available from Amazon:</A><BR> </FONT></DIV> </TD></TR> </TABLE> Several Books: <TABLE BORDER=2 CELLPADDING=10> <TR VALIGN=CENTER> <TD WIDTH=33%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE=4> <IMG SRC="Woodstock_3_days.jpg" ALT="Woodstock_3_days"><BR> </FONT></DIV> </TD> <TD WIDTH=33%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE=4> <IMG SRC="join_together.jpg" ALT="Join Together"><BR> </FONT></DIV> </TD> <TD WIDTH=33%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE=4> <IMG SRC="Woodstock_peace_music_memories.jpg" ALT="Woodstock_peace_music_memories"><BR> </FONT></DIV> </TD></TR> <TR VALIGN=CENTER> <TD WIDTH=33%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE=4> Woodstock: Three Days That Rocked the World (Hardcover)<BR> by Mike Evans (Editor), Paul Kingsbury (Editor), Martin Scorsese (Foreword)<BR> </FONT></DIV> </TD> <TD WIDTH=33%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE=4> Join Together! Forty Years of the Rock Festival (Paperback) by Brant (Author), Marley (Author) <BR> </FONT></DIV> </TD> <TD WIDTH=33%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE=4> Woodstock - Peace, Music & Memories by Brad Littleproud and Joanne Hague<BR> (Paperback - Jul 3, 2009)<BR> </FONT></DIV> </TD></TR> </Table> <HR><BR> <FONT SIZE=5> On August 25th - Rev-Ola (the venerable British re-issue label) is releasing Sweetwater s first album for European distribution, titled simply  Sweetwater , originally released in the U.S. by Warner Bros/Reprise in 1968.<BR> It will be re-mastered and will have extensive, totally new liner notes and never-before seen vintage pix of the band. <BR> It will be available in the US - from various vendors including:<BR> <A HREF="http://music.barnesandnoble.com/Sweetwater/Sweetwater/e/5013929458529/?itm=4">"Rev-Ola Sweetwater - Barnes and Noble"</A><BR> <A HREF="http://www.target.com/Sweetwater/dp/B002CVQ7X4">"Rev-Ola Sweetwater - Target"</A><BR> <A HREF="http://www.amazon.com/Sweetwater/dp/B002CVQ7X4">"Rev-Ola Sweetwater - Amazon"</A><BR> <P> <HR> Because things keep coming up nearly every day now . . . stay tuned for updates.<P> Thanks for your loyal support over these many years, Nancy Nevins, Fred Herrera, Alex Del Zoppo (founders, Sweetwater)<P> </FONT> <HR> <DIV ALIGN="center" <FONT SIZE=4> <B>Available </B> from <A HREF="http://www.ccmusic.com/search.cfm?searchkey=SWEETWATER&bounce=y&searchType=artist"> Collector's Choice. Click on this link to check it out!</A><BR> </FONT> <HR> <TABLE BORDER=2 CELLPADDING=10> <TR VALIGN=CENTER> <TD WIDTH=33%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <A HREF="album1.html"> <IMG SRC="album1.jpg" ALT="Sweetwater"> </DIV></A> <TD WIDTH=33%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <A HREF="album2.html"> <IMG SRC="album2.jpg" ALT="Just For You "> </DIV></A> <TD WIDTH=33%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <A HREF="album3.html"> <IMG SRC="album3.jpg" ALT="Melon"> </DIV></A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD WIDTH=33%> <FONT SIZE=4><DIV ALIGN="center"> (1st album)<BR> Label: Reprise<BR> Record# 6313<BR> Title: SWEETWATER<BR> Year: 1968<BR> </FONT></DIV> <TD WIDTH=33%> <FONT SIZE=4><DIV ALIGN="center"> (2nd album)<BR> Label: Reprise<BR> Record# 6417<BR> Title: JUST FOR YOU<BR> Year: 1970<BR> </FONT></DIV> <TD WIDTH=33%> <FONT SIZE=4><DIV ALIGN="center"> (3rd album)<BR> Label: Reprise<BR> Record# 6473<BR> Title: MELON<BR> Year: 1971<BR> </FONT></DIV></TD> </TR> </TABLE></DIV> <HR> <FONT SIZE=5> And...you can find us in other places:</FONT><P> <HR> <TABLE BORDER=2 CELLPADDING=10> <TR VALIGN=CENTER> <TD WIDTH=35%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <IMG SRC="hipcd1.jpg" ALT="Hippie CD"> </DIV></TD> <TD WIDTH=65%> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <FONT SIZE=5> Barnes and Noble is selling a 60s music compilation CD called <A HREF=http://music.barnesandnoble.com/Hippie/John-Sebastian/e/762188170226</A>"Hippie."</A> The disc features a Sweetwater cut, the pre-accident "Motherless Child!" Warner Brothers Special Projects edited and re-mastered the music, including Arlo Guthrie, The Grateful Dead and others.<P> </FONT></DIV> </TD></TR> <TR VALIGN=CENTER> <TD WIDTH=35%> <DIV ALIGN="left"> <FONT SIZE=5> <P> Barnes and Noble is also selling a coffee table book with it. The book, also, is called <A HREF=http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Hippie/Barry-Miles/e/9781402728730/?itm=1>"Hippie" </A> The book was #4 on the New York Times bestseller list. <P> It's a sweet collection.<P> </FONT></DIV> </TD> <TD WIDTH=65%> <DIV ALIGN="left"> <FONT SIZE=5> <IMG SRC="hippieb1.jpg" ALT="Hippie Book">_ <IMG SRC="hipcdbk1.jpg" ALT="Hippie CD Back"> </FONT></DIV></TD></TR> </TABLE> <HR> <FONT SIZE=5> For all who have been requesting song Lyrics - <BR> Go to <A HREF="livealst.html"> "Live at Last" </A> page OR <A HREF="lyricidx.html"> Lyrics </A> for links to Lyric pages<BR> </FONT> <HR> <HR> <FONT SIZE=5> The VH1 movie that chronicles the band's history is still available from various web merchants:<BR> <A HREF=http://www.vh1.com/movies/movie/163522/moviemain.jhtml> "Sweetwater: A True Rock Story"</A><BR><P> <HR> <HR> <FONT SIZE=5> Some History: </FONT><HR> <BR> <FONT SIZE=4> The Movie:<BR> For those of you hitting us up for the first time, a re-cap. VH-1 has produced an original feature film about Sweetwater entitled- - - guess what, Sweetwater, a True Rock Story. It deals quite a bit with Nancys life as it evolved around the group. <P> Building on the enormous success of their behind-the-scenes documentaries, VH-1 has now moved into the production of original movies. Our docu-drama/ telefilm, as it is called, is their flagship release.<BR> The movie premiered on August 15, 1999. It incorporates a mixture of musicians and TV & film personalities playing the real us. Amy Jo Johnson (Felicity TV series) and Michelle Phillips will be playing Nancy. Also on board are Frederick Forrest, Kelli Williams (The Practice), and Adam Ant. <P> Also shown were two documentaries : "Where Are They Now- Woodstock," and "Behind The Movie-Sweetwater." Both of these specials were in continual rotation on VH-1 the week preceding the film's premier (08/08 thru 08/15, 1999). <BR> For more info on the "flick", go to <A HREF="nancy.html">Nancy's Notes: </A> .<P> </FONT> <HR> <HR> <TABLE> <TR> <TD WIDTH=25%> <DIV ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC="images/swwal99.jpg" ALT="Sweetwater at the Whiskey "><BR> <FONT SIZE=1> Photo courtesy of Dyann Gronewald </FONT> </DIV></TD> <TD WIDTH=75%> <FONT SIZE=4><DIV ALIGN="left"> The world famous "Whisky a Go Go" held a 35th anniversary music festival (Jan. 16- 23, '99) with a number of acts who had played the club during the early years. We performed there on Sunday, the 17th with a lot of other great groups and friends.<BR> </FONT> </DIV></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <HR> <FONT SIZE=4> If you're into vinyl, you can probably find our earlier albums in collector stores (see <A HREF="disc.html"> discography</A>). If you like to search more, you might find us on someone's 185th generation bootleg videotape copy of film shot at Woodstock '69.<BR> Even though we were the lead- off group, we weren't aware of how many cameras were pointed on us at the time. We started realizing this upon seeing all the different angles of us on stage from tapes of the concert that were surfacing (and still are) all over the place.<P></FONT> <FONT SIZE=5> KEEP IN TOUCH.</FONT> <DIV ALIGN="center"><FONT SIZE=4> <P><A HREF="index.html">Back to Home</A></FONT></DIV> <HR> </BODY> </HTML>