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About the Mail:
As you might imagine, we’ve suddenly gotten TONS of e-mail! All of your e-mail is being read carefully at this time by the actual band members. Many ask similar questions about various subjects. We will try to answer these as clearly as possible. We’d like to personally respond to all of you, but with our band schedule, we’re finding it a bit difficult at this time.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Trouble ordering the CD:
If you’re having trouble ordering our CD from, there is a toll-free phone number to call: 1 (800) 432 - 0020 Time Warner Order Center. This order center handles many thousands of products so you MUST be clear about what you want:
RHM2 7702 SWEETWATER "Cycles: The Reprise Collection"
The UPC, for TWOC product identification purposes, is 0 81227 77022 8.

Nansi or Nancy:
Nancy spelled her name “Nansi” a long time ago. Now both spellings are acceptable to her.

Who’s on First:
Ritchie Havens was the first performer to play at Woodstock ’69, but Sweetwater was the first BAND to play at Woodstock ’69.

Who sang it Then:
“Motherless Child,” is a traditional blues song, interpreted over the years by many performers in different ways. Nancy actually sang her version of it before she even met the other members of the band that would become Sweewater . . .just like in the movie! The 1st Sweetwater album from 1968 included this song. Ritchie Havens after being told repeatedly to return to the Woodstock ‘69 stage to “kill more time” (poor guy!) started adding lyrics from this old song to his “freedom” song, confusing some people who write us asking who was first to sing “it!”

Old Albums:
The old Sweetwater albums are collector’s items, available only on vinyl from their original manufacturer:Warner Brothers/reprise. They cannot be found on CD . . . YET!! We’re working on it.
Call Rhino and record stores and ask for them. Supply always follows demand!

Nancy’s solo album, “Nancy Nevins,” is also a collector’s item and is not on CD either at this time. The defunct label “Tom Cat Records,” was distributed by RCA which is now BMG.

All lyrics to Sweetwater songs in the movie are re-printed in the booklet which comes in the Sweetwater “Cycles” CD. Order yours from

Tour Schedule:
For upcoming Sweetwater Touring schedule, bookmark the Sweetwater website and stay tuned!

The Woodstock stuff:
Sweetwater does not appear in the Woodstock movie or on any Woodstock CD’s mostly because of the fallout from Nancy’s accident.

Who sang it Now:
In the Sweetwater movie Amy Jo sings to original Sweetwater music tracks, while Michele Phillips lip-synchs to Nancy’s present day vocal of “Motherless Child.”

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