Entering yet one more darkened place
In my search for some happiness
One more party
One more chore to do.
Everything pointed to leaviní soon
Expecting more emptiness
Never dreamed Iíd be meeting you

I hardly know your name
I barely seen your face yet somehow
Iím feeliní now
This is the time and
This is the place

I havenít felt this good inside
Not since I donít know when
Here in your arms
It feels just like
Iím home again,
Home again,
Home again.

Wandering blindly from scene to scene
Finding lovers to fill the night
For as long
As I can recall.
Wondering when love would come to me
Took a while
But I realized
So-called lovers
Never love at all.

Now here you are in kissiní distance
Holding me
And reachiní me
Inside in ways
I never thought Iíd live to see, and

CHORUS (repeats)

All my life I never belonged
No matter how I tried
Then tonight
I found my way home
I see it in your eyes

CHORUS ( repeats)

A. Del Zoppo
Copyright: - Fred Herrera Music - BMI

All Rights Reserved

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