Joe Graves:

August 1, 1999

Hi Music Lovers,
What a time for Sweetwater! We’re “awed-out” and happy over everything unfolding. In case you don’t know, we owe it all to Joe Graves.

About 2 years ago, during Nancy's lunch breaks, she wrote her life story on 80 pages of yellow legal pad in the faculty dining room at Glendale College. She took the pages to Joe Graves.

Joe Graves is a professional screenwriter and actor extra-ordinaire . He has also been, for a number of years, a good friend. Together, Joe and Nancy wrote a script for a feature film about the band and Nancy's life story called “Sweetwater” from which VH-1 bought the rights to her story and hired a TV movie writer who wrote “Sweetwater: a True Rock Story.”

Between the writing of “Sweetwater” and the writing of “Sweetwater: a True Rock Story,” a lot of “show-biz” stuff happened. Joe Graves was there, through all the twists and turns, and he nursed the growing project through many crises.

Joe always encouraged Nancy not to give up. During the writing, he supplied the producers and the TV writer with many corrections. For example, in the TV writer’s first draft, there was NO Sweetwater music! Can you imagine?! Joe, who loves our music and knows all 3 albums very well, helped straighten that out. This was just one time where Joe Graves made a big difference.

Take our word for it, there were more situations, and lots more to tell about Sweetwater, Nancys life, and the making of the movie. That’s why, these days, Nancy is planning a book, too. Will let you know how that progresses. Meantime. . .

Joe Graves, we thank you.

You have been a great friend to Sweetwater, and we’re forever in your debt.

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