AIR GUITAR SOUND TRACK (self generated)


We all understand the made- up lexicon of guitar sounds; the language we use in our bands to communicate guitar sounds to each other when discussing parts. Sweetwater often uses this language when producing tracks so we know what we’re going for.

Here’s an example- - - - - - We are working on a new batch of Sweetwater recordings to go with the re- worked re- issues, and right now, we’re on a song called, "HOME AGAIN", written by Alex and sung by Nancy for the upcoming VH-1 feature film on Nancy’s life with Sweetwater (see Current Pic & Info page). We went for multi- layered guitar textures and this is how we got them:

All signals were split- - (a) to a ‘66 Super Reverb (wet), (b) to an expensive little 12 A x 7 equipped warmer- upper box, and then direct into the board (dry). The amp was miked with a Shure SM 57.

BRRRAANG- - - I’m having big fun with my new Hamer Eclipse 12- string. All mahogany, 2 Seymour Duncan mini- Humbuckers, and a great bridge by Gotoh; a fine machine.

DEEDLE, DEEDLE- - - Acoustic parts were done with a Martin MC-28. I’m pleased how it sounds on this recording; clear and articulate, thanks to the skills of studio owner/ engineer, Charles Laurence.

DVHOOO- - - Crunch rhythm and lead lines were played on a hard- tail Strat loaded with D’Marzio HS-3 - HS-2 - HS-2 pick- ups through my pedal board and into the Super Reverb.

Here’s hoping you always get the tone you’re looking for. It helps to remember the Big Brraang Theory.

Looking forward to meeting you. - - - JOE BRULEY

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