Look out, somebodyís cominí
Heís got the key to your door
He ainít who you thought of
Heís not what youíre lookiní for

Letís go to the city
Put down your Papaís rake and hoe
Iíll bring you love and money

Look out, somebodyís cominí
Heís got you on the list
Heíll take the time to haunt you
Tempt you with the things you missed

CHORUS (repeats)

I want you to remember my face
Heavenís not real
This is the place
Hey, hey, hey

Look out, somebodyís cominí
Still you donít believe heís there
He says you been sold
Honey, you say you donít care

CHORUS ( repeats)

BRIDGE (repeats)

N. Nevins
Copyright: - Rainwater Music - BMI

All Rights Reserved

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