Nancy Alex Fred at Premiere

Nancy, Alex and Fred at the Premiere

Our Movie:
"Sweetwater A True Rock Story"

Nancy Michelle Amy Jo at Premiere
The 3 Nancys:
Nancy, Michelle & Amy Jo at the Premiere

Movie poster
In 1999, VH-1 (Viacom/MTV networks) produced an original feature film about us entitled,
”Sweetwater, a True Rock Story”.
It deals deeply with Nancy’s personal life and how it evolved around the group.

Building on the enormous success of their behind-the-scenes documentaries, VH-1 moved into the production of original movies.
Our docu-drama/ telefilm, was their flagship release and their only successful made for TV movie.

The movie premiered on the 30th anniversary of Woodstock, August 15, 1999.

It incorporates a mixture of well-known musicians as well as TV & film personalities playing the real members including Amy Jo Johnson (the “Pink” Power Ranger, and as seen on the “Felicity” TV series) and Michelle Phillips (Mamas & Papas) both playing the young & older Nancy, respectively. Also on board are Frederick Forrest (playing the older Alex), as well as Kelli Williams (The Practice), and Adam Ant as Nancy’s producer.

VH-1 also produced two documentaries featuring Sweetwater : "Where Are They Now- Woodstock," and "Behind The Movie-Sweetwater."

All three of these productions are still aired occasionally, especially during Woodstock anniversaries.

The movie was released on Video Tape and can still be found through some online retailers like Amazon.
Movie video

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