Nancy's Notes:

Hey! SWEETWATER, the first band to play Woodstock, '69, still rocks.
Friends, family, and fans, the 50th Anniversary is here: August 15, 16, and 17th, 2019!

Fred, Alex, and I are ready.

We've been off a few years because of human stuff, like changes in our Sweetwater families and other challenges.
Each of us never stopped writing and playing through it all.
Even though peers, some audience folks,friends, family members, and others like that are gone to the Great Festival in the Sky,
Fred, Alex, and I miss them still.

Yet, we're b-a-a-a-c-k ( smile).

New York's Bethel Museum has already reached out to us, and yes, we will share all with you as
we celebrate this amazing anniversary.
Get in touch if you agree we should.

After all, Sweetwater, like only a few Others, was ahead of its time.
Ethnically diverse, we also brought together jazz, classical, and rock music.
We were "fusion" before that category was even invented.
Less than 3 other groups did the same.

As for me, I was 1 of 5 females to perform at Woodstock over the whole weekend.
Through those 3 rainy days, over 104 performers Were male (some numbers, right?)
Of the 5 women who performed, 1 is dead (Janis),
1 retired from music a million years ago ( Grace Slick),
Melanie still performs, Joan Baez is retiring this year,

and I,I,I, I am-- still here.

I stopped my one woman show ( got lonely), but I've been teaching, writing, playing, and caring about my college students
who always perk up when I tell them a little about Woodstock, the great-grandfather of all rock festivals.
Many say they wish they were there

I am beyond grateful.

Stay in touch. We'll be posting all news as soon as it's real.



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