Rock me, rock me
Like a baby.
Rock me
In my bed
You have got that power
You have got that charm
Take more than an hour
Rock me till the dawn

You’ve got the move
You’ve got the arms
Rock me, rock me
Till the dawn

You’ve got the fire
Answer my call
Rock me
Till the dawn

Take me, take me
To tomorrow
Make me
Come alive
You’re the one I’ve wanted
Been dreamin’ for so long
The one who’s got me singing
Want you to rock me till the dawn

Your eyes, your arms, your deepest thoughts
Show me everything you know.
Emotion, sensation, confusion, delight
Slippin’ in the dark
Oooo, baby, take me deep and slow

CHORUS (repeats)

N. Nevins & A. Del Zoppo
Copyright: - Fred Herrera Music - BMI

All Rights Reserved

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