What's wrong in our schools?
Politicians are blowing their cools
Over they who refuse to follow the rules
Though they should be separate dealings What's wrong at the zoo?
The animals sense our fear showing through
Our façade yet there's not a thing they can do
It's hurting their poor helpless feelings
What's wrong?

What is wrong?
What is wrong?

What 's wrong with our folks?
Strong and solid as hundred year oaks
So firm in their ways
They think we are jokes
They just don't know why

What's wrong in their head?
Won't they just try to see it once our way instead?
If they did then there wouldn't be any more dead
No reason to cry


What's wrong in your heart?
Do you feel that soon mankind and reason will part?
As each day worsens you fear we will start
On that anxiously dark endless journey

What's wrong with this top?
As it spins each year gives us a worsening crop
Of hatred that one day could cause it to stop
A lesson we all could be learning
What's wrong?

CHORUS (repeats)


A. Del Zoppo
Copyright: - Rainwater Music - BMI

All Rights Reserved

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